Falling in Love #119 (1970)

Cassandra Verity Green - BA Graduate Collection - ‘Neptune’s Daughter’

Be an organ donor. Give your heart to Satan

"A deep-sea Chimaera. Chimaera’s are most closely related to sharks, although their evolutionary lineage branched off from sharks nearly 400 million years ago, and they have remained an isolated group ever since. Like sharks, chimaera’s are cartilaginous and have no real bones. The lateral lines running across this chimaera are mechano-receptors that detect pressure waves (just like ears). The dotted-looking lines on the frontal portion of the face (near the mouth) are ampullae de lorenzini and they detect perturbations in electrical fields generated by living organisms.”

(by NOAA Ocean Explorer)

Snowflake macro: silver plume on Flickr.Medium size snowflake, around 3 millimeters in diameter. Glass background with backlight, additional lens Helios 44M-5, 8 RAWs averaged, january 2014, Moscow.
I wrote small article about  my shooting technique.

Extras on the set of ‘Cleopatra’, 1963

An anonymous author’s novel written on the walls of an abandoned house in Chongqing, China

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Lana Turner in ‘The Prodigal’, 1955.

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